Premier addressed guests at the Premier’s Dinner on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.

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Here are some selected tweets from the night:

Paul Lane.
Awesome time tonight at the Premier’s Gala. Huge showing of support for our Premier and our party.

David Cochrane.
Signs of a party in power: opening comedy act. There’s a house band. A musical act. Multimedia presentation. And filet on the menu #nlpoli

Exec. and members enjoying an evening with Premier at the annual premiers diner

David Cochrane.
The premier just walked into one loud piece of music. Yeah yeah by Willy Moon (ID’d by @TelegramJames and his iPhone ap) #nlpoli

“Achieving economic breakthroughs is the key to our prosperity and economy” – Premier

Sandy Collins.
Ashelin performing at the Premier’s Dinner. 5 sisters with absolutley amazing voices. I’m truly blown away. What talent!

@SandyRCollins excellent time for sure! Great people, entertainment and a great party to stand behind!

Ron Ellsworth.
Ashelin is a group of sisters from Cbs. They are performing now. If you ever get the chance to go see them ,do your self a favor and go.

Enjoying a performance by NL’s own ‘Ashelin‘. What amazing talent this province has to offer!

Kevin Guest.
At the Premier’s Dinner. What a fantastic night! Ashelin was amazing, what talented young people in NL.

Steve Kent, MHA.
@AshelinMusic Great job at Premier dinner this evening! You were a hit with the crowd.

David Cochrane.
On the day Dean MacDonald says he won’t seek Liberal leadership, the PCs sell 650 tickets at $500 a pop for dinner with #nlpoli

Rhonda McMeekin.
Amazing night at the Premier’s dinner. John Sheehan rocked & music was amazing but highlight was another strong speech from