Investments in clean, safe drinking water

Drinking water projects valued at $8.9 million are currently underway, including work on new facilities and the upgrading of water treatment infrastructure, distribution systems and feasibility studies. A number of key drinking water projects were announced this year across the […]

Advancing long-term care

 In 2013, more than 20,000 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians received services through the Long-Term Care and Community Support Services Program. Guided by the Close to Home strategy, clients of the program have access to new and improved services as a result […]

Investing in early childhood learning

Parents of infants throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are now receiving early childhood learning resource kits, directly from their local public health clinic, at key points in their baby’s early development. As of September 2013, almost 11,000 kits have been distributed […]

Investments in social housing

In 2013, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) continues to provide affordable and innovative social housing to families, seniors, and single adults with low incomes, as well as persons with disabilities and persons with complex needs. Along with 5,556 affordable […]

Health infrastructure enhancements

Ensuring access to modern and new health care facilities and equipment continues to be a priority for the Provincial Government. This is demonstrated by the more than 30 health care infrastructure projects that have been completed or are under development […]

Growth in aquaculture industry

The provincial aquaculture industry is expected to achieve record-breaking production value two years in a row, as it is projected to generate more than $180 million in 2013. In 2012, the total production value of provincial finfish and shellfish aquaculture […]