Investments in clean, safe drinking water

Drinking water projects valued at $8.9 million are currently underway, including work on new facilities and the upgrading of water treatment infrastructure, distribution systems and feasibility studies. A number of key drinking water projects were announced this year across the province. 

Advancing long-term care

 In 2013, more than 20,000 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians received services through the Long-Term Care and Community Support Services Program. Guided by the Close to Home strategy, clients of the program have access to new and improved services as a result of recent initiatives including enhanced care options and age-friendly transportation options. 

Edmonton Small Business Insurance Overview

NEWS RELEASE: For any business owner that is operating within the city of Edmonton Canada, one of the most important things that they have to consider is Edmonton small business insurance. Why is this so important? There are many reasons, and some of the most important ones involve the overall safety and success of the business, not to mention the individual business owners themselves.

Imagine that you have a business in the area and something unexpected happens to the building. Worse yet, imagine that everything inside is destroyed. All of the good that you have worked so hard to obtain in order to stock your inventory are now gone, essentially forcing you to start from scratch. How are you going to get the money to do this if you don’t have an adequate amount of insurance coverage? The sad truth is that in many cases, business owners that have sufficient insurance coverage are capable of rebuilding and eventually starting again, while those that don’t may never open their doors again, no matter how hard they try to make it happen.

There are other ways that having a good insurance policy can also help you. If someone comes into your shop and they slip on something and fall down, you might find yourself in a situation where you are being held responsible for paying for medical bills and other damages unless you have a solid insurance policy behind you. Unfortunately, people do sometimes trip and fall down and while it may not seem fair that they might try to hold you responsible, that is the reality of the situation. If you have good insurance, that policy can cover their expenses but if you don’t, they might make the decision to come after you and hold you financially liable on a personal level.

Now that you see how important it is that you have insurance, you know that it is time to start looking for a policy. The best thing you can do is take your time and find the policy that is right for you and the business that you have. Under no circumstances should you rush into something but you should find the right coverage so that you can continue to grow your business and enjoy it for years to come instead of constantly worrying about what might be around the corner tomorrow. In other words, having this type of insurance is simply the responsible thing to do. 

Investing in early childhood learning

Parents of infants throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are now receiving early childhood learning resource kits, directly from their local public health clinic, at key points in their baby’s early development. As of September 2013, almost 11,000 kits have been distributed to infants at age two, four and six months. 

Investments in social housing

In 2013, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) continues to provide affordable and innovative social housing to families, seniors, and single adults with low incomes, as well as persons with disabilities and persons with complex needs. Along with 5,556 affordable rental units province-wide, NLHC provided 1,732 rent supplements in 2013 valued at $8 million to help people afford private landlord rents. 

Investments in protection and access to justice

With significant investments in 2013, highlighted by the creation of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – Newfoundland and Labrador, the Provincial Government continued to make communities safer for families and children while ensuring that the justice system remains accessible to residents. Another significant achievement was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association of Newfoundland and Labrador which augments air search support services in the province. 

Health infrastructure enhancements

Ensuring access to modern and new health care facilities and equipment continues to be a priority for the Provincial Government. This is demonstrated by the more than 30 health care infrastructure projects that have been completed or are under development in all regions of the province over the past 10 years, including 12 anticipated to be completed in 2014. 

Growth in aquaculture industry

The provincial aquaculture industry is expected to achieve record-breaking production value two years in a row, as it is projected to generate more than $180 million in 2013. In 2012, the total production value of provincial finfish and shellfish aquaculture exceeded $120 million. As part of efforts to continue the success of the industry, the Provincial Government held aquaculture consultations in November and December to update the Provincial Government’s strategic plan for aquaculture. 

Our province is in good hands

(October 22, 2013) IN THE PRESS: From a letter published in The Telegram: “My late husband was an inveterate walker who braved all kinds of conditions and rarely missed an opportunity to cover 10 kilometres a day. On nice, sunny days, he would often return and talk about the people he met, those who appeared only when the circumstances were perfect. He referred to them as “fair-weather walkers” because they materialized only under ideal conditions and were totally absent when the going got rough.” …